“The Farmhouse Fitness house has 5 bedrooms. Each room sleeps 4 people and each room has its own bathroom. We can host up to 20 people at a time, like a guesthouse, but with our own 180 square meter fully equipped barn gym located only 30 steps away from the house! We take you on all the “must do” excursions around in Cape Town as well as making sure you sweat in the gym. All we really want is to combine your vacationing with health and fitness.” 

We offer you the possibility to go on an exciting holiday meanwhile getting or staying fit and active. Our packages are filled with fun workouts and extraordinary outings and we are determined to make sure you have the time of your life! Come for 7 or 12 night holiday adventure or join us for a month or longer to make some real life changes. At the end of the trip you can expect to feel better, fitter and stronger, both physically and mentally. The training mostly takes place in our amazing barn gym, but also in our old-horse-stable-studio, on the fields surrounding Farmhouse Fitness and at the local beach. As our name indicates we are located on a farm and our animals (cow, dog, cat and chickens) roams around on the property as they pleases, just like we do. 

The accommodation is social and it is easy to meet new friends and create magical memories together. The facility is built for fun with plenty of space to be active or chill, in small and large groups. At Farmhouse Fitness everything is about enjoying life in a real and easy way. We have created a unique place and atmosphere where you come as a guest but leave as a friend. The location of the villa is ideal with everything you could possibly need close by, plenty of activities and adventures wherever you look and less than an hour drive from Cape Town City and the V&A Waterfront. Beautiful mountain and sea views from the villa, and the beach is just a short drive away. Come and visit us and our animals on our farm and see for yourself. We promise you; This place is easy to love.

Lauren McPherson

"I had an amazing experience at Farmhouse Fitness! I stayed here for a month through Nov - Dec 2018, with a goal to loose weight and get fit, and only have good things to say! I'm not a big fan of scales but it's safe to say I lost a lot of body fat, gained muscle and got much fitter in such a short period of time! I'll definitely be making the time to come back in future!"

Jahan Mohsen

"I needed to get away from the Swedish winter, I had the best combo of vacation and training ever. I got the sun, the training, the adventures and getting to know such wonderful people. I will be back! Farmhouse Cow😍"

Adam Lindhoff

"This is a wonderful place to go and recharge your batteries and to help kick off a healthy lifestyle choice!! The atmosphere is open, friendly and inspiring. The staff and fitness instructors are very friendly, caring and accommodating! The food is healthy and super tasty! I plan on returning each year as it is such a pleasure!!"

Mandla Majola

"All I know is that once it was time for me to leave, I felt like a kid leaving a summer camp. So much love here."

Malin Bergman

"Amazing setup, wonderful staff. We couldn’t be more happy about the entire Cape Town experience that Farmhouse Fitness created for us. From all the exciting adventures to the healthy and fresh food as well as the fun training sessions, it was all such a great combination. Not to forget Buddy the cow, he is the sweetest cow I’ve met."


The dream of Farmhouse Fitness all started when the two of us met at a gym in Bali. We were both in the middle of exploring what the world had to offer when our paths crossed. Together we developed an idea of a place where we could combine our passion for training and adventuring, whilst meeting likeminded people from all over the globe. Farmhouse Fitness is up and running since 2018 and we are committed to providing every single one of our guests with the ultimate vacation filled with fitness and adventures whilst enjoying life in our idyllic and wholesome farm-like environment.

Mission: “Create a unique and complete travel destination for adventurers with an interest for health and fitness.” 

Vision: “To provide the best and most memorable fitness vacations in the world.” 

Mission: “Create a unique and complete travel destination for adventurers with an interest for health and fitness.” 

Vision: “To provide the best and most memorable fitness vacations in the world.” 

Farmhouse Fitness Personal Trainer

Petré Beukes

Personal Trainer

Farmhouse Fitness Health Educator

Hanna Crowén

Health Educator


Firlands Park, Gordon's Bay, Cape Town

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