Farmhouse Fitness is the one and only holiday destination in Cape Town with the sole purpose of delivering a full-service solution of combined adventure and fitness vacations. We offer customised retreats with itineraries full of fitness and fun in a unique and wholesome location. Our retreats are designed for individuals or groups. For the fit, the kinda fit and the “I wanna get fit”.

Each retreat is unique in its kind and is a “once in a life time” opportunity as we continuously partner up with different fitness enthusiast, ask them what their dream vacation would look like and plan the itinerary accordingly. The result becomes an active holiday packed with training sessions, epic adventures and well deserved recovery time.

No need to stress over planning

We’ve got you covered

Take a step back, relax and enjoy the fact that we have done the hard part about travelling for you. From the moment you step foot in Cape Town until it’s time to say our good bye’s we’ve sorted you out. Airport pickup. transports to and from activities, melas throughout the days, what and what not to spend your time and money on… The list goes on and on. Planning a trip can be stressful and overwhelming. But no need to worry about that this time, we have taken the headaches off your shoulders. All you’ve got to do is show up and focus on enjoying your time and creating unforgettable memories.


We know balance is key

We have been hosting retreats since 2018. Let’s just say: we know what we are doing. We know how to maximise your holiday without compromising the need for recovery. We also know about the true local hidden gems and love combining the must do’s with activities off the beaten track. We know the importance of healthy and nutritious foods, but we wouldn’t want you to leave without having tried some of the local goodies. We know that some see a hill and go “First to the top wins!” while others think to themselves “Oh my I’ll never be able to make that…”. We know.

We’re Waiting To Meet You!

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We know the importance of good accommodation when traveling and what difference it can make to the overall feeling of your vacation.

Training Facility

With highly experienced, committed and qualified coaches, Farmhouse Fitness caters for all levels of training.

About us

The dream of Farmhouse Fitness all started when we, South African Petré and Swedish Hanna, met at a gym in Asia.

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