Terms & Conditions

When paying your Farmhouse Fitness booking you agree to entering into a contractual agreement with Beukes Crowén Enterprises ; a company registered in South Africa, hereinafter called ”Farmhouse Fitness” or “FHF”. The terms and conditions below are written in English because FHF cater to an international market. If you cannot fully understand English, please seek the advice of someone who can assist you in explaining the contents of this document. When you make a booking you confirm that you have the authority to accept and do accept the terms and conditions set out below. If, at the time of booking, you are aged under 18 these terms and conditions of booking must be accepted by your legal guardian. It is very important that you read these terms and conditions in full prior to submitting your booking as you will be bound by them. Please pay particular attention to the cancellation policies and fees as this is most likely to affect you in the event of cancellation. All matters, or disputes arising out of this contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa and are subject to the jurisdiction of South African courts.

The following terms and conditions:

  • should be accepted only if they have been read through carefully and understood completely
  • have been written to protect both you and Farmhouse Fitness in the event of all kinds of different circumstances
  • apply to all bookings made through www.farmhouse-fitness.com
  • apply to all bookings made through any connected partner

1. Confirming receipt, payment and prices

Upon payment of your booking to Farmhouse Fitness you will be sent a confirmation of receipt and details of your stay. Check the details of your confirmed booking carefully and please contact FHF immediately if any information on the confirmation or any other document appears to be incorrect/incomplete, as it may not be possible to make changes later.

The prices of Farmhouse Fitness packages are based on exchange rates from January 2021. Whilst FHF reserve the right to change the prices at any time before you book, the price on your booking invoice will not be increased or decreased. The amount of payment may be different if you are paying in a currency other than USD.

2. Insurance

It is a condition of booking that every guest must have travel insurance in force for the entire duration of their stay at Farmhouse Fitness. You must ensure that the cover provided by your insurance is adequate and appropriate for your placements and personal needs and that it also covers the cost of repatriation, including air evacuation costs, should such a situation necessitate it. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured, as we will not check your policy. If you join FHF without adequate insurance you may not be allowed to complete your stay with no right of refund. Farmhouse Fitness accepts no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property or valuables. Insurance to cover the loss of baggage and valuables is also highly recommended.

3. If you cancel or reschedule your booking

In certain circumstances you may need to initiate changes to your booking such as date changes. In some cases it is possible for Farmhouse Fitness to enable date changes. However, FHF does reserve the right to refuse any date changes. Should you request to make a change of dates and it is accepted, there is an admin charge of $50 per date change.

A cancelled stay at FHF will be subject to cancellation charges as outlined in the section ”Cancellation charges” below. If you do choose to cancel your stay please notify Farmhouse Fitness in writing as soon as possible. If you have postponed your booking successfully and then decide to cancel it, the cancellation charges will be worked out based on the start date of your original booking, not your rescheduled booking.

FHF strongly recommend that you take out full insurance at the time of booking, which should then in most cases include cover, under certain circumstances, against loss of deposit or cancellation fees.

4. Group bookings

If you are booking as part of a group, a group is defined as 8 people or more who are friends or associates and have opted to share accommodation, and there is a cancellation within the group which leads to the group (after cancelation/s) consists of less than 8 people any group discounts that may have been given prior will not apply. Because of discounts applied to group bookings the remaining group of 7 people or less must pay the balance remaining for standard price.

5. Cancellation charges

  • Time of the booking cancellation: 91 days or more before start date. Fees due: $250
  • Time of the booking cancellation: 90 – 61 days before start date. Fees due: 50% of total fee
  • Time of the booking cancellation: 60-31 days before start date. Fees due: 90 % of total fee
  • Time of the booking cancellation: 30 days or less before start date. Fees due: Total fee

Please note as stated above any cancellations that fall under 30 days or less before start date are 100% non-refundable.

Should, for whatever reason, you not complete some of the aspects of the package including but not limited to accommodation, activities, transfers and meals there will not be any refund provided.

6. If Farmhouse Fitness cancel or change your booking

It is unlikely that FHF will have to make any changes to your stay, however, since the arrangements are done many months in advance FHF may occasionally have to make changes and reserve the right to do so at any time. Most of these changes will be smaller and have minor impact on your stay and you will be advised of them at the earliest opportunity possible.

Should you be the only person to have booked 30 days prior to your start date, FHF will inform you about the situation and will give you the option of changing the dates of your stay. It is your decision either to proceed with your original dates or accept alternative dates. Under these circumstances, refunds will not be made.

Should your stay be interrupted by events that FHF could not reasonably have anticipated and the event significantly affects your stay, FHF will endeavour to find alternatives as soon as is reasonably possible. Under these circumstances, refunds will not be made.

Should FHF be unable to follow through with your booking due to regulations regarding Covid19, FHF will endeavour to find alternative dates as soon as is reasonably possible. Under these circumstances, refunds will not be made.

Except in the case of “force majeure” (described in clause 20) should FHF make a significant change or cancel your stay you will be informed about this as soon as possible and FHF will endeavour to find alternative options which you have the right to accept or decline. If you decline the alternative provided you will receive a full refund (not including flights, insurance, visa fees etc).

When necessary, FHF reserve the right to make alterations to a stay without notice, including to the itinerary, inclusions, exclusions, excursions, activities, accommodation, and amenities. These alterations may be made if in Farmhouse Fitness reasonable opinion it be regarded as essential to provide due care, or to ensure the satisfactory progress of the package, but are not limited to these reasons. Changes in itinerary may be caused by pandemic, local political conditions, mechanical breakdown, road conditions, weather, sickness and other unforeseeable circumstances. No refunds will be given for services not utilized. It is a fundamental condition of joining that you accept this flexibility. If you are unable, or do not choose, to complete an itinerary outlined for a package, FHF are not liable to supply alternative itineraries, excursions, accommodations, services or staff for the period when you are not present with the group.

7. Health advice

It is your responsibility to advise Farmhouse Fitness when booking of any special dietary requirements or food allergies.

Please note that dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, cows, horses and other animals live at Farmhouse Fitness and its surrounding area.

Any information or advice provided by Farmhouse Fitness on health is not guaranteed to be accurate. We strongly recommend you consult your GP/Dr or travel clinic before you travel to seek out the best travel advice regarding health matters.

In the interests of health and safety, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Visit your GP, or reputable travel clinic, several months prior to departure in order to find out what vaccinations you may require and to ensure these are administered within plenty of time
  • Ensure you have all necessary medication/prescriptions
  • Obtain advice on necessary equipment, which could include items such as first aid kits
  • Check country related travel advice before embarking on your trip

8. Ensuring capability to participate

FHF reserve the right at any time to require you to produce a Doctor’s certificate of fitness to participate. Special requests must be made at the time of booking and will be taken in consideration, but FHF cannot guarantee they will be accommodated for. If due to any medical reason or state of fitness you are unable to participate at FHF at the time of your start date there will be no refunds made available. Please ensure you are medically capable prior to booking.

If you are affected by any condition, medical or otherwise, that might affect yours or other people’s enjoyment at Farmhouse Fitness, you must advise FHF of this at the time of booking. This includes any medical problems such as alcoholism, dependency on drugs or any other addiction. Please note that Farmhouse Fitness accommodation is not suitable for wheelchair-users. If FHF reasonably feel unable to accommodate your needs, due to particular health requirements, FHF must reserve the right to decline your booking (if so, full refund), or if full details are not given at the time of booking, cancel when becoming aware of these details (if so, cancellations charges apply).

9. Limited liability and release waiver

In submitting your booking and agreeing to these terms and conditions you affirm that you are aware the Farmhouse Fitness activities has inherent risks which in unfortunate cases may result in serious injury or death and agree not to hold Farmhouse Fitness, its employees, directors, partners or associates in any way liable for injury, loss, death or any negative effects of participating in the activity.

10. Behaviour, drugs and drinking

A booking is accepted on the strict understanding that you undertake to comply with the laws, customs, foreign exchange, drug and all other regulations of South Africa, as well as all hygiene, safety and security rules. In addition, Farmhouse Fitness also have house rules and behavior guidelines, which are intended to ensure your safety and enjoyment of your stay. You will be advised of these specific house rules and behavior guidelines either in your pre information or during your orientation. Do be aware that in the event that you are found violating such rules or laws and regulations, or otherwise prejudicing the safety or well being of an individual/a group, FHF may terminate your stay without any liability on Farmhouse Fitness part. All of Farmhouse Fitness activities require you to be sober for health and safety reasons, so this is for your own safety.

If at any time you are caught in possession of drugs or you are caught under the influence of drugs you will be immediately expelled from the Farmhouse Fitness facilities with no refunds or no liability from FHF to compensate for any missed part your stay.

If you engage in antisocial, disruptive or reckless behavior and are deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or have serious alcohol problems, FHF reserve the right to immediately expel you from the Farmhouse Fitness facilities with no refunds or no liability from FHF to compensate for any missed part your stay.

Should FHF receive any complaints about your behavior from staff or other guests, FHF will start an investigation and will provide you with a written warning. Failure to adhere to warnings given will result in termination of your stay without any liability on FHF part.

11. Marketing materials

FHF use professional photographers to showcase accommodation and activities and the pictures used for marketing have sometimes been edited by the photographers. FHF will not accept any liability if there are differences in the images shown for marketing purpose to other images that can be taken on site.

Any taken image of you on Farmhouse Fitness grounds may be used by FHF without charge in all media for promotional or marketing purposes such as in brochures, slides, video shows and the internet. By staying at Farmhouse Fitness you are agreeing to waive any rights to these images or comments made and agree that they may be used by Farmhouse Fitness in future promotions. This includes any images downloaded through third-party websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or any other social website which FHF have been given access to containing images of you. If there is an image of you being used and you are not prepared to give your consent, please notify us in writing immediately and we will remove the image and delete it from our website if deemed appropriate to do so.

12. Accuracy of marketing materials online and offline

Every effort is made to provide as much useful information as possible on FHF website/in FHF brochures and to ensure this information is accurate. Any information detailed in FHF brochure, website, pre information pack and any other marketing medium is deemed correct at the time it is written. Regrettably, however, changes and errors do occasionally occur. FHF cannot accept liability for errors that become apparent, or occur after this material has been produced. Prices and details of products and services and any offers posted online are subject to availability and change without notice. FHF will do utmost to ensure you are notified of any changes that may affect you prior to your stay, if Farmhouse Fitness is made aware of the changes in enough time to do so.

13. Building work

FHF is situated in a secure estate with 38 properties but due to the nature of a developing country there can at times be building work happening around the area where you stay. Whilst guest comfort are taken in as a priority and Farmhouse Fitness try to ensure that noise is kept to a minimum, FHF cannot take responsibility for lost enjoyment nor accept request for refunds should there be building work/refurbishment in process on site or in the area during your stay.

14. If you have a problem or complaint

Please be aware that food, accommodation and facilities that you will be provided with, by FHF and in general, will be of local standard and may differ to the standard you are accustomed to. You will be required to share a bathroom and bedroom with maximum three other people.

Prior to your start date Farmhouse Fitness is contactable on email during office hours. You will also be provided with an emergency contact phone number prior to your stay. Please note, however, that this is for genuine emergencies only.

Once at site you will be introduced to Farmhouse Fitness representatives. The representatives are responsible for your orientation and organizing your placement at site. They are there for any support you may need regarding for example local advice or emergency issues.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any perceived failure in the performance or improper performance of the contract (whether by Farmhouse Fitness or a connected partner) is communicated to the Farmhouse Fitness representative at the earliest possible opportunity whilst you are still on site so that the concerns can be addressed. You should simultaneously inform FHF by email about your problem or complaint. Failure to do so will affect Farmhouse Fitness ability to investigate the complaint and your rights under the contract. FHF or a connected partner will be unable to resolve any problems or complaints until they are known. If your complaint or problem is not resolved to your satisfaction you must write to FHF within 28 days of your completion date.

Farmhouse Fitness will only accept complaints directly from the person named on the booking contract. If you have an issue affecting the enjoyment of your holiday, FHF want to hear first-hand from you what the problems are so FHF can go about addressing your concerns. FHF will not accept or respond to complaints from third parties including friends or family members on behalf of the person on the booking contract. Facebook and social media channels are improper methods of communication and will not be responded to.

Please note your booking contract is through Farmhouse Fitness and not through any of our connected partners. Should you, for whatever reason, come to a financial arrangement with a partner to FHF resulting in money is being paid returned to you Farmhouse Fitness is not liable to be any way involved in this transaction and require notification and agreement of this prior to acceptance by third-party supplier.

15. Passports and visas

It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and any necessary visas, or health documents, as required, for the entire duration of your stay, and to ensure that you meet the South African entry requirements if you are a non South African citizen. Requirements may change and you must check the up to date position in good time prior to departure. Farmhouse Fitness cannot accept liability or consider refunds if you cannot travel because of incomplete or incorrect documentation.

As the activities you will be involved in do not constitute work, and you are not in paid employment, but are a paying visitor, Farmhouse Fitness recommends that you apply for a tourist visa where necessary. If you break the conditions of your visa whilst you are staying with FHF, for example undertaking any work for which you are paid without an appropriate visa, and as a result you are asked to leave the country, you will not be entitled to any refund, or alternative placement.

16. Flights, transfers and travel

It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for any flights. Farmhouse Fitness cannot be held responsible for any action, negligence, or event relating to the purchase, or operation of flight tickets, or flights. Further, Farmhouse Fitness will not be responsible for any costs/refunds due to changes or delays in flights.

If FHF offer or give any advice regarding connections, flights, transfers, external activities or any other areas, FHF accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information given. It is your responsibility to check all information with regard to external activities, travel including but not limited to visas, transfers, local laws and customs, health advice and travel to and from the country including entry requirements.

In the event that your stay is cancelled or postponed, due to circumstances beyond Farmhouse Fitness, or FHF partner’s control, FHF and/or partners cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred. This includes any flight, travel, or other costs including, but not exclusive to, any charges made by the airlines for cancelling, changing, or transferring flights, or other arrangements. Reimbursement in such cases is the responsibility of the airline and will not entitle you to a refund of the price of your arrangements from FHF.

If you have been denied entry into a country because you have not acquired the necessary visas, or met the necessary entry requirements, FHF accept no responsibility for any loss financially of you not being able to attempt your stay with FHF. Please ensure you have ranged your visas in good time before travel.

It is your responsibility to advise Farmhouse Fitness of flight arrival details and of any changes that may be made to your arrival details at the earliest possible opportunity. Should you arrive outside the agreed start date/time for your holiday at FHF, or do not advise of your correct arrival details, you have to cover any additional transfer costs for FHF.

17. Bicycle hire

Farmhouse Fitness can help arrange bicycle hire but will take no responsibility should you be involved in an accident or injury whilst cycling. Utilization of bicycles is entirely at your own risk.

Should you be given or hire a bicycle from Farmhouse Fitness directly, you are responsible for checking the bicycle over prior to using it and ensuring it is in a suitable condition for use. If you deem it unsuitable please contact Farmhouse Fitness representatives who have made the bicycle available to you. You have full responsibility of the bike for the entire duration whilst it is in your possession. If damaged, lost or stolen whilst under your care, you will be charged maximum $250 to cover replacing or repairing the bicycle. This payment needs to be payed in full by you prior to the end of your holiday at FHF.

18. Motorbike and car rental

Farmhouse Fitness does not have motorbikes or cars for rent and strongly advise against the use of motorbikes. FHF will take no responsibility should you have an accident or any issues resulting from being a driver or passenger of a motorbike or car. If you do hire a motorbike or car/take ride on/in one, please ensure that you know how to control it and that you wear a helmet/seatbelt at all times. Utilization of motorbikes and cars is entirely at your own risk.

FHF or locally arranged transport will be used at times during your stay at FHF. Where FHF or locally arranged transport or public transport is used FHF cannot be held responsible for its standards, nor liable for any damages, loss, or injury, incurred during its use.

19. Accident, injury or death

Physical strenuous activities can be dangerous when performed with too high intensity or level. You undertake training entirely at your own risk. If you are injured through your own physical exertion you are liable for any medical costs or costs associated with assistance afforded by Farmhouse Fitness. Should you be involved in an accident, injury or death through no fault of Farmhouse Fitness, you are responsible for any medical costs, or costs associated with assistance afforded by Farmhouse Fitness.

This includes accommodation undertaken by family members, transfers and any other assistance needed should you have an accident. It is a requirement of joining Farmhouse Fitness to obtain adequate travel insurance. Please make sure your travel insurance will cover you adequately. If you are to be injured or die, Farmhouse Fitness, its employees, directors, partners or associates is not to be held responsible in any way.

20. Force Majeure

FHF will not accept liability, or pay any compensation where the performance, or prompt performance of contractual obligations is prevented, or affected, or you otherwise suffer any loss or damage, due to circumstances that come under the definition of ‘force majeure’. In these booking conditions ‘force majeure’ means any event that FHF, or the supplier of the services in question, could not foresee or avoid, even with all due care. Such events include, but are not limited to pandemic, war, the threat of war, insurrection, riots, strikes, civil action decisions by governments or governing authorities, natural disaster, bad weather, technical or maintenance problems with transport, criminal and terrorist acts or similar circumstances beyond Farmhouse Fitness control.